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      Excerpts from Parents’ Letters

      After only a few sessions, Hillel’s reading improved tremendously, and he began to enjoy books. Many thanks for the wonderful work!

      Reading and writing were very difficult for Yehuda… Through your devoted care, he now reads properly, and his handwriting has much improved… It’s nothing less than a miracle!

      Koren found writing difficult. He wrote slowly and struggled to read what he wrote … Today he writes quickly and clearly and can copy from the board.

      We came to you after four years of searching for a cure for our son … Uriel now reads!… You have fulfilled our prayers… Thank you for professionalism and caring.

      You did a miracle for Tal… Next year, he is progressing to ninth grade full of self-confidence. And it’s all thanks to you.

      We wanted to thank you for saving our two children by doing the unbelievable … You taught our children to read, understand and have confidence in themselves!

      You helped Shachar improve his reading and writing skills and gave him important tools for life… with great appreciation and affection.

      You helped Naomi to believe in herself and her ability, so that today… she confidently stands on her own.

      Moshe Chai arrived unable to read… Within a short time, Mr. Zarchin gave him the ability. This is a tremendous gift for the child.

      After only a few lessons, an amazing change happened to Tehilla… She began to believe in herself and made rapid progressed.

      To our great joy, you helped Ariel make progress in a very short time… Today, he reads fluently.

      When Yoav came to Mr. Zarchin, he could not read two consecutive sentences… Today, he reads fluently, and his understanding has improved.

      Our sons Yinon and Yosef Chaim came to you with reading problems. Many thanks for helping them make progress and set out on the right path.

      We wanted to thank you for a thorough job and a unique investment. Elchanan’s reading has improved significantly.

      We are happy to report that Yitzchak has made great progress, thanks to you. Today, he can read much more fluently and correctly.

      With your devoted care, Shimon’s behavior and the level of studies have undergone a real revolution. This can undoubtedly be credited to you.

      Since you began teaching Hagai once a week, his ability to concentrate and study have improved. His teacher is very pleased.

      You have miraculously set Ariel on the high road, with improved behavior, reading and oral expression.

      Yehuda’s teachers and acquaintances tell of the great progress that he has made in his studies. They find it difficult to believe that he actually wrote the summaries that he submitted.

      Ezra suffered from an inability to grasp the study material… After a few meetings, he began to feel better, until he received a 100 on a test!

      They recommended sending Dana to a school for children with learning disabilities… After your treatment, she has become a bookworm, and a successful and disciplined student.

      Today, Guy is absorbed in his studies in a more comprehensive and cohesive way, and his ability to express himself in writing is fuller and more complete.

      We have been seen Aharon progress during the time that you treated him… and there has been great improvement in his daily life and in his studies.

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