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      Course Recommendations

      The course provides a new perspective and new hope for solving dyslexia. When the patient works hard with the therapist, he can reach new heights. I recommend everyone to take this course.

      – Mr. Baruch Steiner, Head of the Special Education Program, Jerusalem College

      I studied with Mr. Zarchin in his course on treating dyslexia. For the first time, I realized that it is possible to tear down the myth, and that children with dyslexia can learn how to read… During the course, I worked with a student, together with Mr. Zarchin, and to my amazement, I saw things begin to change… Michael Zarchin addresses the problem in very physical and tangible way, dealing with the child’s problem in a roundabout way. At the same time, he fearlessly penetrates to the heart of the issue, and quickly and effortlessly arrives at a solution.

      – Alon, Student in Michael Zarchin’s course on dyslexia

      My students were very pleased with the course and requested that it continue as long as possible. In my opinion, it is crucial that every teacher learn about, understand and recognize various approaches to dealing with reading disorders. I heard from my students that Mr. Zarchin’s approach is both practical and expedient, which I consider very important.

      – Rabbi David Pinsky, a teacher at the Kfar Chabad Elementary School and the Men’s Studies Center at Beit Rivka College

      I was very impressed by Michael Zarchin’s system, which was different from anything I could have imagined. I had previously thought that the correct approach entailed constant review and repetition, but here, I discovered a new world. For instance, I learned that one can reach the child through completely alternative means, which feels very right. Everyone in the course was impressed by Michael’s approach, which we applied to a number of cases of children with learning disabilities. It succeeded! This is good tidings to the many students who suffer from learning disabilities. They will be able to learn smoothly and solve their problems at the root level.

      – Rabbi Ariel Korsch, a teacher at the Chabad Torah school in Hadera

      Michael Zarchin’s course was one of the most exciting I have ever taken. He provided more practical tools than any other course in our curriculum, particularly in treating dyslexia and dysgraphia. He provided us with numerous tools to help privately tutored students, who cannot read or recognize letters. When you solve the root of the problem, you spend less time on review and repetition. This results in a drastic transformation in the child’s entire world view.

      – Avraham Kaufman, teacher

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