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      Treatment of Dysgraphia – Learning to write easily!

      Our experience has shown us that every single individual, whether boy or girl, man or woman, can learn to write properly and easily. Each and every one!

      This assertion does not stem from the confidence we have in our own abilities, but because of our deep faith in the innate potential of our students.

      Whoever can see, hear, move and think, can also write.

      Even a person diagnosed with severe dysgraphia, who has failed at every corrective therapy, can successfully learn to write.

      There is no need to try to circumvent the problem or to try complex strategies aimed at helping a person write. With the correct approach, each boy or girl can learn to write like any other child.

      Nor do parents have to wait until their child reaches a higher grade. Learning to write can be easy and enjoyable, without necessitating long years of study.

      How can we be so sure?

      We could say it is because we have seen it happen countless times. Hundreds of children, teenagers and adults, struggling with every type and level of learning difficulties, have been successfully treated at the Zarchin Institute for over a decade.

      Yet, this is not the real reason for our assurance.

      Our belief that every child can learn to write lies in our understanding of writing as a function of thinking, and thinking can be fortified and developed when integrated with our other senses.

      This is because writing is not a mere technical manipulation of the muscles and limbs. It is, among other things, cognitive process. The movement of the palm and fingers is based upon the mind’s processing of information. Thus, by strengthening the relevant thought processes, a child is able to learn how to write.

      The child’s hearing, vision, movement, and sense of touch, along with his ability to think, serve as the basic tools we work with to promote his thinking and writing ability.

      The tools are the child’s. The ability is the child’s. The knowledge and talents are the child’s. Everything is already inside him, so that the only thing required is for the child to bring out and express what he already has within.

      We do not teach a child to write; we merely reveal to him that he already has this ability. In the end, the child teaches himself to write.

      At the Zarchin Institute, the process of learning to write is always accompanied by promoting the child’s self-confidence as part of the overall development of his thinking, so that the treatment affects the child’s learning far beyond the specific goal of writing. The child gains confidence in his own abilities, which advances him from scholastically, socially, and emotionally.

      Each child has his own alphabet. Our job is to be compassionate and concerned figures who project complete certainty in his ability to overcome his difficulty. The child understands that we care about him and that his feelings and interests are important to us. When this feeling is combined with practical exercises using all the senses, it allows him to reveal his inner, hidden abilities.

      In the Zarchin Method, the pages, books and exercises do not comprise the totality of the learning experience. Great importance is attached to the human encounter – to the connection made between the teacher – who regards his student as a knowledgeable and capable from their very first meeting – and the heart of the student, which may be full of fears, doubts and disappointments.

      The chemistry that is created between the child and the therapist dispels fears, dissolves disappointments, and infuses the child with faith in himself, until he begins to grow from within, thus improving his writing, concentration, and behavior, as well.

      If you are searching for a solution to writing challenges and disabilities, you have come to the right place. Call us now for an appointment and embark on a new path of success. You do not have to wait – we are waiting for you!

      For further information about the various solutions we offer for learning disabilities and writing difficulties, please click here.

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