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      About the Zarchin Institute

      The Zarchin Institute offers remarkably effective solutions to a wide variety of learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, reading and writing difficulties, written expression, reading comprehension, ADD and ADHD.

      It is our deeply held belief that these challenges can be completely and fundamentally overcome, so that each and every child can reach a normal and healthy level of study, even in the face of significant difficulties.

      Our unique approach has proven itself countless times and we have helped over a thousand young people and adults to set out on a new path in life, cured of their learning disabilities, and with newly found abilities to study.

      The Method and its Creator

      The Zarchin method was developed by Michael Zarchin, and is based upon the principle of developmental optics, which was made famous by Dr. Jerry Getman in the United States, a renowned pioneer in his field and an international lecturer. Michael studied Dr. Getman’s theory of development optics from his disciple, Dr. Stanley Abelman, who was among the first to apply Dr. Getman’s theories in the realm of learning disabilities, thus proving its effectiveness in even the most challenging cases. Michael further developed Dr. Getman and Dr. Abelman’s theories into the unique treatment offered by the Zarchin Institute in Israel.

      Michael Zarchin’s expertise in learning disabilities is a product of his own experience. As a youth, he suffered from a serious case of dyslexia and was unable to read or write until his teenage years. At the age of sixteen, he met Dr. Jerry Getman, who recognized the great disparity between Michael’s high level of intelligence and his impoverished reading and writing abilities. Dr. Getman suggested that Michael turn to Dr. Stanley Abelman – Dr. Getman’s disciple – for help.

      Michael worked with Dr. Abelman in his Philadelphia clinic for several months, with the treatment focusing on Michael’s command of English, though eventually, Michael also gained the ability to read Hebrew – his mother tongue. Michael was so transformed by the treatment that, for many years afterward, Dr. Getman would cite Michael’s success story in his public lectures as proof for his approach to overcoming dyslexia.

      Michael remained in close contact with Dr. Abelman for many years and continued to learn from him the principles of treatment. For his part, Dr. Abelman regarded Michael as his potential protégé and encouraged him to become a learning-disability therapist, devoted to helping young and old alike. Michael’s professional training coupled with his personal experience allows him to connect deeply and personally with the inner world of those suffering from learning disabilities, and to solve their problems in a fundamental and absolute way.

      A Unique Approach

      According to the Zarchin Approach, there is a single cause underlying a wide variety of learning disabilities; that is, a mental disruption in the processing of information, which results in an impairment of learning functions.

      Information processing is an indispensable component of the act of seeing. This is because vision contains two essential aspects: the technical side, which is the retina’s reception of shapes and colors, and a second aspect, which is a type of “mental vision,” in which meaning and understanding are attributed to that which is seen. Mental vision itself is comprised of various aspects of information processing upon which many learning functions rely, such as reading, writing, written expression, understanding, math skills, engineering, and others.

      In as much as we identify the cause of learning disabilities as a block in the proper mental processing of information, we focus our therapeutic approach and techniques toward removing this obstacle. Over the course of many years, we have found that this approach can repair the disruption in thought processes that results in dyslexia and related problems and can resolve learning disabilities in their root.

      Our Accomplishments

      For over ten years, the Zarchin Institute has been helping individuals overcome their learning disabilities. Over one thousand patients, of every age and background, and with every type of learning disability, have been successfully treated. Problems with reading, comprehension, writing, written expression, math, concentration and more have all been solved. Numerous individuals arrived at the Zarchin Institute after received negative and hopeless diagnoses from experts in the field, yet, after only a few sessions, they began to see positive change and progress. By the end of treatment, they entered a new stage in life, free of the disabilities that had burdened them until then. Our approach is not to try to circumvent the problem, but rather, to transform it. Patients gain normal learning abilities, which enables them to succeed in their studies, equal to their peers.

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