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      Professional Testimonials

      I’ve heard that Mr. Zarchin’s work is bringing about a revolution… through the students’ extraordinary success.

      – Mr. Amihud Glazer, Inspector General of the Ministry of Education

      Mr. Zarchin proposed new educational intervention methods that contributed to the advancement of students.

      – Mr. Haim Salomon, Director of the Feuerstein Center

      Today, B. is able to read. It is the fulfillment of a dream he has never believed he could realize.

      – Meital Voknin, a social worker at the Neve Landi Children’s Village

      Your work is professional, consistent and tenacious – to actualize the potential of each and every student.

      – Rabbi Yosef Arabov, Rosh Yeshiva of Tiferet Temimim Yeshiva

      I was utterly fascinated by this technique and in the approach of the learning system itself.

      – Miriam Wana, certified therapist in functioning and learning difficulties

      You have proven to all that nothing stands before the will, and with proper help, lots of love, attention and faith, one can reach great heights.

      – Idit Pasternak, Talpiot College

      After a small number of meetings with you, I can say with certainty that Tal improved significantly.

      – Zeev Katz, remedial teacher

      May your experience and message reach all of Israel and all those who struggle with learning.

      – Mrs. Mali Danino, Executive Director, Nitzan: Association for the Advancement of Learning Disabilities

      The students greatly enjoyed the course and emphasized your professionalism. They felt that they had acquired significant tools for life.

      – Dr. Naomi Lieberman, Bayit Vegan College

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