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      First and foremost: identifying the potential of the client, using intuition.

      The tabula rasa (blank slate) approach, where the therapist starts the treatment free of any restrictive patterns, and without prejudice.

      The method is unique in correcting the root of the problem – during the treatment, senses are realized that were previously not in use.

      The starting point is the assumption that the client possesses all the tools necessary for solving the problem of cognitive processing. He has all the solutions, and the therapist’s job is to realize them.

      The therapist does not do corrective instruction. He leads the client to correct reading by finding the client’s unique language, which activates his/her cognitive system.

      The therapist opens all his intuitive channels and uses his creativity in real time (the method of wisdom, understanding and knowledge). This is to assess the client’s difficulties and abilities and to choose the desirable exercises and emotional and verbal dialog.

      Systematic Improvisation achieves radical results in a short time due to the personal and individual treatment.

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