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      The Mission Beyond the Words

      Recommendation for the book by the late Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

      The Mission Beyond Words relates the fascinating story of Michael Zarchin, who, in his youth, overcame a severe case of dyslexia to eventually become one of Israel’s leading therapists in the field of learning disability. The book describes the difficult path that he followed, from being an intelligent and popular youth in Tel Aviv society – with a dark secret – to finally overcoming his problem after a world-wide search. His long and painful struggle with dyslexia, acutely described in the pages of his book, became the basis for his approach and for the sympathetic identification he shares with his patients today.

      The book not only describes the path Michael followed to overcome his disability, it conveys a power message of hope, for the very solution that allowed Michael to learn to read and write subsequently became the basis of a therapeutic system that can help others overcome their own problems.

      For nearly two decades, Michael Zarchin has been treating children, teenagers and adults daily. With determination and sensitivity, he offers them new opportunities for growth and paves the way for their success.

      The Zarchin method provides an effective solution to difficulties in reading, writing, mathematics, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD. ADHD, and problems in reading comprehension and written expression. The book’s interweaving of Michael’s personal struggles with the discovery of his method makes it an engaging title for reading enthusiasts, and an indispensable title for parents and professionals seeking innovative and effective approaches to the problem of learning disabilities.

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