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      The assessment includes evaluation of developmental functioning in the areas of input, processing, and output in order to identify those factors responsible for the client’s learning difficulty. Typically, after two meetings, an insightful and detailed diagnosis is made that isolates the essential problem and allows for estimation of the duration of treatment necessary for solving the problem.

      The First Session is devoted to meeting with the parents. At this session important information is received regarding the history of the child.

      The Second Session is conducted with the child client. This meeting is devoted to establishing a personal acquaintance with the child and localizing his problems through testing. At this session, an individual treatment plan is developed for the child.

      • Duration and Frequency of Sessions: An individual course of treatment is developed based on the diagnosis formed after the first two sessions. The treatment includes two sessions per week for 7-12 months for most clients.
      • Assessment Report: An individual report of the assessment is presented in writing to the client and his parents. The report includes the results and an explanation of the tests used to identify the learning difficulty. If necessary, a report will be provided detailing the method of treatment. Additional reports are provided for the parents and adapted as needed for schools or other agencies.
      • Cooperation: During the course of treatment, the therapist maintains full cooperation with the educators working with the child. The treatment includes professional supervision and guidance for the parents and teachers regarding the method of treatment and instruction regarding special conditions for examining the child (where necessary). The institute works in cooperation with an international expert staff well known for their expertise in the field of learning disabilities who are available to the institute for consultation as necessary.
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