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      Zarchin Institute

      Proposes collaboration with organizations and institutions for the benefit of children everywhere.

      We are expert in assessment of and fundamental solutions for all individuals with learning challenges in the various educational settings in Israel and throughout the world. We provide fundamental solutions for learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. We provide solutions for children whose learning difficulties are combined with attentional or behavioral difficulties. Our work emphasizes the importance of identification of the specific learning dynamic of each individual child while determining the child’s preferential learning style. Correct use of this information enables the learning therapist to breach the impediments which prevented the child’s learning progress.

      In recent years, we are witness to the necessity to publicize our methodology to the community at large and help educational institutions with our knowledge and experience in dealing with the daily challenges of a wide variety of client populations.

      To achieve our goals, Zarchin Institute has developed a unique course for professionals in our integrative developmental approach to solving learning difficulties. At the end of the course, the students will be qualified to work with children under our supervision and provide solutions for a wide variety of clients. The professional course provides powerful tools for assessment and treatment which enable the therapist to pinpoint learning problems and solve them at their root.

      We recognize the reality that occasionally there are inadequate resources to provide the institutional staff with this invaluable course and consequently Machon Zarchin has developed the tools for any institution to enjoy the benefits of collaboration. Therefore we propose cooperation for the sake of the children who are so much in need of a more positive learning experience.

      At Machon Zarchin, we see cooperation with educational institutions as a special opportunity to combine the marvelous work that is already being done by the institutions with our professional knowledge in order to help a broad community of students to grow and develop as fully functioning adults who succeed in whatever field they chose to study.

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